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March 17, 2009


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Peter Welford

You're probably right about the DM and their journalism standards, but their reporting does not excuse what I would regard as rudeness from an international player. And to be honest I think your defence of him is as biased as the DM's report!!!
If Henson ever gets a testimonial match he might find out how much the fans appreciate his acknowledgement of their support.

Ben De La Roubert


if you can't see the sense in that excellent piece (hint: 3rd para from bottom sets out the rationale quite clearly) then I suggest you stick to the Mail. ;)

Or Duck in a Truck (though, to be fair, it's no Tron).


I luvs Gav, I does.

From the top of my sparkly hat to the bottom of my daps, I think he's truly acez!!! Me and all my Ospreylian friends luvs him to bits, we do. He's proper smashin'.

Just for this, I'm not going to buy the Daily Mail for a week now.

Thomas of Cardiff

If Gav ever has a testimonial I will be first in the queue to get a ticket. Arguably the most gifted and unjustly vilified player playing for Wales currently - and that statement INCLUDES Andy Powell. Anyone who watches rugby cannot fail to be impressed with him as a player, the time, the ease of play, the vision...lush

Nice piece Mr East Terrace

Rubbish Comment Mr Welford

Whistling Pete

Hi Ben, Yes I managed to spot the 3rd para from the bottom, thank you, but worth pointing it out as I might have been a DM reader!!
Doesn't alter the fact that GH and DM seem to be equally obnoxious.
Like you, I don't buy or read the DM and, being English, (Oh yes, I can hear the vitriol rumbling in the distance!!) I don't have to watch GH allegedly 'play' either.


Like any reasonable human being, I find the Daily Mail to be one of the most repugnant things to be found on the high street. Given that I've visited Corby this is quite an achievement, nevertheless I feel compelled to offer some defence on their behalf. Bear with me.

Arguably, the Daily Mail, with their eponymous cup, have done more for rugby in schools in England than any other body you would care to name. Such as the RFU.

The key word here is 'arguably'. I'm not prepared to go any further - I feel like I've violated myself enough as it is.

Glad to see The East Terrace is back, though there are fewer and fewer of those around the country as our stadia give in to the wendyball infection and start becoming seating only. But that's a whole side issue I could go on a proper rant about. The Avivia Stadium, I ask you...

Ben De La Roubert

Pete mun,

allegedly play? One very poor performance at 10 aside he's rarely put a foot wrong for Wales. Vision, pace, guile and cunning. He made that try on Saturday. Yet few recognise his contribution. Our most obnoxious player is likely to be the most vilified for his behaviour AND his "lack of contribution." Yet his contribution allows those around him to shine. Obnoxious and unselfish. I'll opt for the latter interpretation. He's alright is our Gav.

Pete James

"Doesn't alter the fact that GH and DM seem to be equally obnoxious."

So Gavin Henson was pro-appeasement prior to World War II then?

Ben De La Roubert

Anyway, it's all irrelevant. After all, it's clearly Ireland's year. ;)

Rhys ap Rhys

I would like to point out the obvious error in this, otherwise excellent, article:
"People like Michael Folley shouldn’t be allowed within fifty miles of a Six Nations match."

What makes you think he was within 50 miles of Rome last weekend?

Troy Turkington-Thompson

Rhys ap Rhys
The bounder was probably in London, though. I fully applaud the sentiment that Folley should be forced to live out his days in Norwich. or Northampton. or Nantwich.


To get an idea of ​​how the poor of this game was a look at the statistics office of the feet. This means that there were 90 kicks down the field during the game.

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