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April 05, 2009


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Jeremy Beynon

Not a hope this is the worst:


Chris Stringer

I have to admit that there were replica jerseys and I own one that I wore to the 1995 World Cup Final!

Paul Wade

I think it shows innovation in design and I would be proud to wear it.

Ray Gallivan

I have to admit i have a replica t-shirt with all the same design and wear it. Its from the under 20s world cup played at the Liberty Stadium

Logo Design

well i don't know any thing about it but nice t-shirts.

viagra online

that was the best rugby world cup ever, and everyone loves those t-shirts!

replica jerseys

I think it shows innovation in design and I would be proud to wear it.

Savannah Adams

I still wasn't a fan of rugby in 1995. But this shirt? I really have a very mixed feeling about it. I don't know if it's only me, but that shirt ain't manly enough (rugby is manlier than football). Maybe it's in the multi-colored maple leaves, or the overall cheesy aura the shirt gives out.


about the brand who did it, Sport-Kix is a brand of the canadian company Spring Knitwear Inc. from Toronto

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