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May 08, 2009


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It was great to see him use this tried and tested technique in the six nations against Wales. It proved very effective as Wales pummeled him in attack. Well done Ronan.

Total Flanker

Like it! Do you reckon the Springboks might have noticed?


Really sad Leinster fans won't see Contepomi 'bounce' anyone in a Leinster jersey again.

Fortunately for Munster/Ireland fans, O'Gara, even though 'bounced' will get to play in the Munster, Ireland and Lions jersey shortly.

Wonder will Leinster fans ever learn that 'bouncing' isn't everything its cracked up to be!


Here is another good video of O'Gara:



I wonder what the Spanish word is for Road Kill, because that's about what the Argentine made of of O'Gara...


"...standing fully upright as an attacker approaches, turning his head away, closing his eyes and gingerly sticking his arm out before travelling backwards at speeds of up to 50mph."

Hey ! there's some copyright infringement there ! that was ewactly MY style of tackling some years ago...


Oh wait, hang on, he did play in the 2nd Lions test... and look what happened.

He's the most overrated fly half in world rugby, and has been a passenger for Ireland, carried by better players throughout his career.

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that's lame, patent some tackling technique? give me a real brake!

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