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September 17, 2010


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England should respond to the haka with a bit of Morris Dancing. By the time the All Blacks stop pissing themselves laughing England could have 21 points on the board

Total Flanker

I see that NZ press don't get your sense of humour!


Frederic (www.rugby-pioneers.com)

Hi !

Warning : pointless comment!

I paid a short visit to London last month and took this picture especially for you... http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4118/4928132406_f31aef3910_b.jpg

(related portfolio @ RFU Museum http://www.flickr.com/photos/rugby_pioneers/sets/72157624840202194/with/4928132406/ )


Kia Ora (Hi),

I'm a Kiwi, we Kiwi's prefer the Haka to our nat. anthem "God Defend NZ" has to be the worst anthem ever. "God Defend Us 'cos we are so small and helpless..."

The Time's Stephen Jones appears to need some laughing gas tho'. I have often wondered why he never moans about the Tongan, Samoan or Fijian challenges. I guess it's only a problem when the Haka-ing team wins all the time...

There were no complaints from U POMs when the Maori Battalion did Haka's before slaughtering Germans in the 1940's. I understand a favourite trick was to sneak up to their lines in the middle of the night to do Haka's to give them sleepless nights!!!!

A Haka is a challenge. Basically they mean: "We are here to do unto you, so you better bring your A grade game[rugby] if don't want your arses kicked. Are you good enough to stand up to what we have planned for you?" And if you are, good for you.

Personally I think your article is bluddy funny. And most Kiwi's enjoy a good chuckle.

Keep it up, good work. I mean, keep up the good work.

rugby games

I'm just a recent rugby convert and have started watching the sports, getting to know the must-watched teams and players.

I'm really, really curious about Haka. I mean, if I'm not mistaken, it's really tied into All Black's heritage. Hmm, I've seen a few videos of Haka's. Now I'm looking forward to see All Blacks take on the formidable players here in the US for rugby games.

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